Kamps'-Normandy Cockers had it's beginning in 1987, when a cocker friend of mine introduced me to Harriet Kamps. At that time, I owned two pet cockers and had fallen in love with their wonderful characteristics. My desire was to learn more about this wonderful breed.

Harriet was a very prominent breeder and handler living in Sparks, Maryland. Harriet had bred and showed some amazing cockers, among them being CH. Kamps' Kaptain Kool, CH. Kamps' Silversmith, and CH. Kamps' Kountry Kiss, her top producing female. The linage of these dogs alone, have continued to influence pedigrees all over the world.

Harriet was gracious enough to take me under her wing, and was so willing to share her wealth of knowledge about our wonderful breed.

Harriet and I co-bred and showed cocker spaniels together, traveling to specialties and dog shows in many different states. Our times together were filled with a lot of work, and also a lot of great times and camaraderie with other cocker breeders and handlers.

Under the Kamps'-Normandy prefix, Harriet and I bred over 200 champions. We formed a bond and friendship that has lasted for over 30 years. Several of our current dogs go back nine generations to CH. Kamps' Kountry Kiss.

In recent years, we have had the opportunity to co-breed with some friends and amazing breeders. Javalin Cockers (Jackie Cavallin), Alamara Cockers (Penny Hoover), Silhouette Cockers (Linda Pitts), Rubic's Cocker (Bob Rubeck), Toybox Cockers (Lindy Bennett), Ashdown Cockers (Genea Jones & Bruce Van Deman), DeTor Cockers (Victoria Snowden), Palmtree Cockers (Don Dietz), Winters Cockers (Sandy Winters) and Drama Cockers (Annie Heid). These breeders have been wonderful friends, and together we have produced some sound, healthy and top-producing dogs.


Because Harriet and I are dedicated to the betterment of our breed, all of our dogs that are bred, are tested after they turn two years of age. These tests include the following:

  • Yearly Eye Testing for Cataracts and PRA
  • Yearly Thyroid Testing for Autoimmune Thyroiditis
  • OFA Testing for Hip Dysplasia
  • DNA/PRA Testing for Retinal Dysplasia

Above and beyond all else, it is extremely important that our dogs make happy, healthy, and loving pets. Our dogs must have good temperaments, and be sound minded to be bred.

What's Next?...

We feel that CH. KAMPS' N NORMANDY'S KLASS ACT - "Abby" - has had a positive influence on the breed. We have high hopes that her children, grand children and great grandchildren will continue in her winning and producing ways!